Basement Family Room // Get the Look

Hello Everyone!

Today I am back with a Get The Look Post that shows you how you can re-create the collected, modern, casual feel of our basement remodel. If you  haven't read the full saga of the flood and the renovation, check that out here.

Or the quick recap: we had a (minor-ish) flood last winter and were forced to remodel. Which I can't say is such a terrible thing, since this space in our home was always on my  list - so anytime I was there I thought of all the things I can do to re-do it (truth be told, every room seems to be on this list in some form or another - ha!).  So this flood was a little kick in the pants to finally get it done. And I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! The space feels inviting and fresh, all while feeling comfortable and collected.

I really wanted to lighten up the space, and create something fresh and minimal all while being comfortable and inviting.  The walls are painted Burnish Clay by Behr, a  light greige that is perfect for a basement. It feels warm but not too beige-y, all while staying fresh and light and the best part is that it doesn't fall flat in rooms without constant natural light. The room is filled with tons of texture starting with the wool braided rug, and additional collected accessories like vintage pillows, a set of simple white textural vases and some really pretty simple ceramic bells. FUN Fact : did you know that ringing bells is a great way to cleanse negative energy in your home? 

The sectional adds contrast and has a great a mid-century modern feel and oh how I love a saddle leather chair. The large beach-y artwork also adds to the casual feel and makes a statement. Other natural elements are sprinkled throughout to keep it feeling organic and collected, like a cool rattan mirror and a live edge coffee table.

Now don't let these photos fool you, this is a family room and the whole family (including 2 little kiddos) spends time here, and there are lots of TOYS. To keep it from feeling cluttered, toy storage is added in the media built-in and in baskets as well as strategically in the kids tent. Full disclosure, strategically really means me shoving whatever can't fit in the other spaces into the huge tent that doubles as a movable Monica closet. Hey… you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

Sofa | Floor Lamp | Coffee Table | Rug | Rug |  Leather Chair | Leather Chair | Artwork | Side Table | Ottoman | Table Lamp | Console Table | Console Table | Mirror | Book | Basket |  Pillow | Pillow | Pillow Ceramic Bells  | Hooks | Vase | Vase | Vase | Kids Tepee


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