Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Hello! So, it’s been a bit since I checked in and that’s because the last couple months have just been bananas. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you should - wink wink @sharpandgrey) you may have seen a post about the fact that I just can’t get around to decorating my front door for fall - GASP!

The reason for this terrible lack of decorating is that in our family of 4 all 4 birthdays happen once a month from August to November. Every 4 weeks, almost to the day is a birthday. So between all the birthdays, back to school, Halloween, projects, work, travel, life, fall TV commitments and everything else in between - oh and Christmas lurking around the corner - cute little pumpkins and hay bales just don’t happen. And as much as I wish I could squeeze it in, I’ve just come to terms with the fact that I can’t make it happen. Hey, some things you have to let go for sanity, right?

So here we are, my front door bare, basic and un-festive, squarely in that little slot of time between Halloween and Christmas that we lovingly refer to as Thanksgiving, (although now it seems more like pre-Christmas, since retail has gotten so excited about Christmas that they’ve all but skipped Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I digress) am I’m ready to decorate the table for the feast!

Being one of those people who likes to pump the breaks a little and give each holiday their fair moment in the spotlight, I resist Pre-Christmas and try to take some time to just be with family and enjoy time together and reflect on all that we have to be thankful for before all of the craziness begins. And full disclosure, I am also one of those people who is always totally behind and rushed during this (or any) time of year.

So in the spirit of last minute, easy, quick and budget friendly Thanksgiving (we know all the money goes to Christmas anyway) I’ve pulled together some of my favorite mix and match Thanksgiving table decor ideas.

I wanted this round up to be easy and accessible, neutral but not boring, stylish and something that you can use again and again. Use it for any holiday or even just a Tuesday dinner if you want.

And all items you can grab quickly from Target. Also, I get it, not everyone wants/needs/has time to buy all new table linens, and decor every year, so these items are all neutral and pretty easy to mix in with other decor and table linens on hand. I hope you enjoy and I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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