Simple tips for refreshing your home this New Year

Happy New Year! Well, the holiday season has come and gone. It’s that time of year that we all crave a refresh, a desire to simplify and cleanse the palate from all the holiday festivities. I had such a wonderful holiday and so enjoyed the downtime and the lights and allll the Christmas decor and festivities. But, now that it’s over - I’m ready to refresh!

Now I know everyone is different, and some people like to let the Christmas decor and tree linger around for a while and maybe feel a bit sad when it’s gone, and some take it down just a few days after the festivities. We, take our tree down on New Years day and by then I want nothing more than all the stuff I was so excited to put up just one month ago, to be GONE! Not one stray pine needle or festive leftover allowed. See ya next year!

Whenever the tree and decor goes, if you have kids you will likely be left with exciting new toys the house, AND all the pre-holiday toys still hangin out and taking up space. It creates a major need to purge and organize and spring clean and just REFRESH. But let’s be real, we still have 3 long months of winter to go. So unfortunately this taste of spring fever is a bit of a tease. It’s still cold, there is still snow, and it’s dark at 4:45 p.m - gah! So we will still be spending lots of time inside and the need to make our home feel cozy and warm, but also fresh and organized to start the New Year off right!

So, in the spirit of refreshing and renewing for the New Year, I pulled together a few little simple tips and tricks to refresh your home this January and help you get ready to take on the New Year!

5 Tips to Refresh your home for New Year

TIP #1

The first tip to refresh your home, is to add greenery (of the non-pine variety). This is a great time to get a fresh bouquet (or two) of flowers in a pretty vase or a new plant. I love fresh flowers and I especially love eucalyptus, it’s so simple and pretty and smells great. Trader Joes, Whole Foods or a local florist are all great places to grab a fresh bouquet but in a pinch you can grab some good faux branches (these are surprisingly great for the price). Bringing the outdoors in will always add new life and refresh and energize a space.

I will also put a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil in a little spray bottle with some water and spritz it around the house.

An indoor bulb garden is a great way to bring a dash of spring and if you have kids it’s a great project for them to do. And of course succulents and cactus are alway good additions. I can’t get enough of them because they are so sculptural and best part is they are pretty hard to kill (except I still manage to do it, somehow).

Tip 2:

Refresh your lighting. There is nothing like a new lamp, light fixture or sconces to a dark corner to make a huge impact. Or if you’re not looking to buy something new, take a lamp from another part of the house and put it somewhere new. Sometimes just a quick switch-aroo is all you need!

And swap out the dreaded builder grade boob light and install a new fresh, modern flush-mount light (always on a dimmer, because every light is better on a dimmer). There are so many budget friendly options, or use this as a time to splurge on an amazing quality light fixture that you’ve always wanted.

Tip 3:

Another great way to refresh the house is to get new bedding. There is almost nothing better than sleeping on new fresh quality sheets and a linen duvet is perfect in winter and summer. This is a must do item on the New Year refresh list. And bedding is always on sale in the New Year, so that’s a big win. Also make sure to do a fresh clean on the rest of the bed linens. And that tip about the eucalyptus oil and lavender oil spray is perfect on the bed to make it feel extra fresh and help you rest easy.

Tip 4:

Grab some pretty baskets and begin to declutter and organize. Finding ways to get the toys and other miscellaneous items corralled and put away is such a great way to feel renewed. I have mentioned before that I just really can’t stand clutter and it creates such a chaotic feeling in a home. And we spend so much time in our homes they should be our sanctuary, where we release the stress not add to it.

Getting the kids involved is a good way to make it fun. I like to do the project with the kids, and find out what they want to keep and what they don’t mind getting rid of. This way they feel like they are part of the process and learn that toys that aren’t used at home can go to good home to other kids who enjoy them.

Tip 5:

Let the light and the air in. Open the curtains, blinds and shades ALL the way. Light is at a premium this time of year, so let as much light as you can in. I don’t know about you, but light has a major affect on my mood. Light = Happy, Dark = Major Grumpy.

On a warmer day, open up all the windows for a few minutes just to let some fresh air in. The air inside our homes can get more polluted than outdoor air and a 10-15 session with windows open will do wonders to clear it out.

Hope you found some good New Year home refresh tips in this post. Feel free to add your tips as well in the comments, I would love to hear how you refresh and renew your home for the New Year.

And, if you want to work with me on your home refresh, I offer 2 hour in home or virtual consultations that are a great way to help spruce up the house and get some personalized ideas for your space. I would love to hear from you!

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