Introducing Real Life. Well Designed : The Sharp + Grey Blog

Introducing a blog by Sharp + Grey Interiors. Real Life. Well Designed

For my inaugural Blog post, I thought it only fitting to do a quick introduction. My name is Libby, I am an interior designer, owner of Sharp + Grey Interiors and a dreamer to the core.  I love Mexican food and flip flops and I am really good at classic concentration.

I'm basically obsessed with all things interiors, and when I'm not working on decorating projects or thumbing through design magazines, you can find me spending some quality time with my two adorable kiddos and amazing husband, listening to some good music while cooking up something yummy, spending some time outside (I especially love some lunching on a patio) and petting my cat who meows way to much.

I would love nothing more than for you to jump on this journey and follow along as I showcase some design projects, inspiration and tips and tricks along the way. Let's break it down and see how interior design can be approachable, comfortable, beautiful and most importantly made for Real Life.

So stay tuned... I've got some good stuff up my sleeve for you!