This bedroom project came to us after the parents of this teenage boy began the process to update his room, but became discouraged quickly when they realized how much went into redesigning a room for a teenager. Sharp + Grey Interiors was brought in to complete the space and create cohesive design that speaks to an active teenager. Something that was a bit more grown up, but still felt youthful and fun. With the paint pallet already established, and keeping some of the existing furniture we brought the space to life with furnishings, textiles, bedding, artwork and a sofa for the many friends that frequently visit. This room packs a punch in a small space, with vintage Swiss Army pillows, a camping blanket and unique artwork. It has a classic preppy feel with a nod to the outdoors.

I knew the minute Libby sent me choices (and the layout with actual pictures by the choices) I had made the right decision in using her! This approach gave me great visibility as to what she wanted the room to look like (and of note, it was not an easy room) ... she gave me 3 choices in the room layout and the cost - so I was not always wondering “how much?” - she took the time to let me know her process, and how she works, orders and installs. ... Libby is a gem & I absolutely love working with her - of note, the room she completed is now the favorite spot in our whole home!
— Tracy B